I’d rather get rejected then get ignored .. Gaaahhhd people

Room for rent in San Francisco

desperate times..so im giving this a shot

heres our cl ad!






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ate some crap viet food at this place near the office..now i think it upset my stomach..took pepto bismol..and now im burping minty eggrolls..i think i need to throw up

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walking out of an exam you knew you failed


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So last last Monday I get a call at work from Semhar.. She told me that the assholes told her they were moving on Saturday .. They’re planning to be gone April 2 .. And those fuckers didn’t say shit to me .. They said it was last minute but they already interviewed and selected someone perfect for us ..how the fuck did they think it’s ok .. And Semhar calculated their rent at 986 .. And she said that she wants the master of it’s only 986 .. And that bitch was like .. Oh this person already signed the lease for the master .. I was like wtf .. You don’t sign leases per room dumbass .. And they told her that they are planning to put Semhar on the lease too but not me .. Cuz the landlord doesn’t trust me and I’m immature

So this shit already seems hella shady .. And Semhar was going nuts and I was like I told her they were shady .. And she didn’t believe me I was like you can call Mizuki and ask her and she can tell you the shit I said in the beginning was true .. And she hella did call her .. Face palm .. But yeah Mizuki explained to her shit that went down

So I googled and found the contact info of our property management since bitches never gave me the info .. And told them everything and she said don’t worry no one signed the lease . They never even have notice of leaving .. You can go online fill out the app and turn it .. You need consent of the propert manager before moving in and she approved me .. This new person needs to get our approval and all of us needs to sign the lease to live there so she said were safe .. She said to give that bitch a few days to see if she gives notice before we move on

Mind you this was Monday the 31 and I had turned in rent to that fucker for the month of April .. And she didn’t say anything to me .. Bitch was trying to steal my money and run !

So that night we called their ass out in that shit .. Had almost the whole convo recorded.. Pretty much they said it was their fault for not including us in the interview .. They said they thought they did what’s best for our situation .. I was like why didn’t you ask .. Or tell us when you were posting the ad..they said we were busy and didn’t have the chance and they apologized for not telling us earlier .. Bullshit bullshit bullshit
They made themselves look like saints how they were protecting us and how they easily coulda rented it out to an old man .. And we asked why did they the new person signed the lease when they didn’t cuz she asked the manager and bitch said she signed the application and worded it wrong .. Some more bullshit .. She said she didn’t want me on the lease cuz I’m shady and I made copies of the keys and I was like it’s for an emergency am I supposed to pay to for a locksmith everytime I get locked out ? .. And she mentioned the time Jason Yee came to pick up Calvin without me home again .. Bitches didn’t get their stories straight and fucking blubber was like well it was the manager who said she didn’t want you on the lease -___-
And we were like no she told me when she gave me that eviction notice that I had to be on the lease .. And the bitch was like “when ? When ? She never told us that! .. She said she didn’t care as long as rent was paid” .. And we told her she told us today as well

Called her out about not giving notice and she was like no I told her last month I was gonna bring in new lease apps this month with the rent .. Which was bullshit cuz we were next to the manager when they had that conversation .. And the manager said it was brand new information
Both of them said accused each other of being liars .. But really who was I gonna trust .. She also showed us stacks of her unpaid bills and notices .. The manager said she’s been waiting for them to move out and since they always end up paying their bills after the notice she couldn’t evict them

So pretty much we told them this new person is not moving in til we meet her and we are not renting the master bedroom for only 986 .. And if she’s not cool with either .. Then we’re gonna find someone else .. And if anything were just gonna cover that portion of the rent .. Were trying to make this as best as possible for us .. Dumbasses were like you should give her a chance we interviewed her just like we did with you guys .. Kept trying to save their asses .. We told her to contact her to let her know what’s up and meet ..bitch gave is her number as well Tuesday night some shit went down .. First of all I realized we got jipped our deposit cuz we were adding up everyone’s deposits and it was way more than 2300 .. Called that bitch out later that night .. Asked why she didn’t say anything .. What was gonna happened if we take over the lease and when we get the deposit back and realize it’s not enough to split .. She said she made a mistake and sorry for not saying anything .. Bullshit she’s done this with the three of us .. Bitch just wanted extra spending money .. And the day before we asked Mizuki if she got her deposit back and bitch told her Semhar never moved in so she doesn’t have the deposit and we had to cover last months rent .. Then Mizuki told her that her that Semhar told her she was moved in and settled .. And bitch tells her oh she ended up moving in the middle of April and there’s a delay in the deposit cuz of the paperwork the manager had to work out … What a fucking liar .. She really went out of her way with that one

Anyhoo backtrack .. Came home Tuesday night and the new girl was at out apartment even tho she never responded to semhars text .. Shit got hella ghetto .. Semhar told her she couldn’t move in unless she got the managers approval .. Called the assholes out for lying .. Everyone was yelling at each other .. THe assholes had a friend there and she asked us how much money that bitch owed us and she’ll spot her .. And we were like no ..that’s not right .. She needs to pay us .. And I told that bitch to venmo me my rent .. And we need our deposits from her cuz the manager said we have to start a new deposit with a new lease and they started arguing about no we don’t she never said that she’s a liar we were gonna just pass down the lease bla bla bla .. We told them doesn’t matter what she said to you but this is the way it’s gonna work now .. She’s gonna come check the place and dock whatever needs to be docked and give you what’s left .. Then we went to talk to he new girl since she was hella lost .. She apparently already gave her the deposit and that bitch never told her about how she couldn’t move in ..and she was supposed to move in the next day but their shit isn’t even out yet .. We gave her a brief summary of this shit .. Told her that the room isn’t gonna be rented out with that price and she wasn’t cool with that and she left .. Apparently she had already given notice to her other place and she had no place to go .. But her mom picked her up after .. So idk the story with that The next day Semhar and the assholes went to talk to the propert management about what the deal is with the lease .. Pretty much we need to start a new lease with a new deposit and they want the deposit the day after the assholes are done .. With that said we needed 2750 in deposit money and about 2750 in rent .. Minus the prorated amount for those bitches still being in the apartment .. So basically we needed our deposit money from that bitch .. Called her later that night and she said she would have out checks the next day The day after the assholes were still here cleaning up their stuff .. Omg the apartment smelled so bad cuz of their odor .. I remember that bitch saying she couldn’t do the inspection until late that evening cuz she had school but she was there with blubber when I got back to the apartment .. “Painting and cleaning ” ..the property manager came and did an inspection and said that they were probably gonna get their whole deposit back .. I was like WTf .. If it was Iv they woulda lost everything just cuz of the walls and carpet .. After the manager left bitch gave me my deposit check and she had given me my rent money already .. She said she didn’t trust me taking semhars deposit check on her behalf .. She left before Semhar got back and said she would leave the check in her room when she comes to finish cleaning .. So I left her sticky notes to show her where the stains on my floor were .. And she only cleaned one spot .. Not even well.. So we tried working with the manager to see what we can do with the cleaning since there’s so much wear and tear in the place .. Oh we looked at their bathroom and nope they did not clean it and the left us a little surprise in the toilet .. Like WTf is wrong with these ppl .. Aughh it was so gross .. So the manager had cleaners come in and billed them for it .. They said they couldn’t do our carpets so were gonna have to mark that the carpet and walls in the room have existing damages when we moved in

So the plan after that is to get our place kinda fixed up .. Had to find a new roommate .. My ad on Craigslist was pretty detailed and clear .. We are not trying to live with a couple but bitches keep emailing me .. There were dudes but Semhar wasn’t down .. I actually wanted Thomas or Gaby to move in but Gaby couldn’t do it on short notice .. So for now we do have someone I hope she doesn’t flake .. Still waiting for her shit to get signed I need that deposit money and rent ! In terms of furnishings in our apartment it’s fucking empty they took everything .. Not having a microwave is one of the biggest struggles right next to not having internet .. Greers friends donated a coffee table and some side tables and a dining table… Some kitchen utensils .. And she bought me a small pot and pan.. She’s pretty nice outside of the office I think .. I can’t stand her in the office she’s so rude ..one of my assistant managers Valerie has a couple of chairs and flatware and utensils to donate too .. Vanna let me use her discount for a microwave .. Semhar is supposed to cover the other stuff .. But I haven’t seen any contributions .. I bought some cooking utensils silverware and bowls .. And cleaning stuff

I really hope she does contribute .. She already thinks she’s doing hella shit for the apartment cuz she took time off to deal with the lease stuff .. “I can’t be the only one taking time off to do this ” .. I’m excuse me .. I left work early to deal with the lease stuff too .. Left early twice last week to deal with Comcast .. I got our pg&e set up .. I ordered our comcast and I got the microwave .. I was the one communicating with the manager for maintenance.. I was the one doing the craigslisting for a roommate .. And all the existing furnishing in out apartment came from my doing .. Idk why she’s making it seem like she’s doing so much We’re supposed to get our  locks changed and I told her the guy can only come on weekdays during business hours and she said she can do Friday at 230 but tell them 3 just in case .. I told her to tell the manager that she’s available .. Which she never did .. I reminded her twice that I told the manager 3 and confirmed with her that she’s good for 3 cuz comcast is coming at 4 .. And last night she tells me that she thought everything was happening at 4 .. And I told her I texted her Friday to let her know about the schedule .. And she said she didn’t know that’s what I meant .. wtf else did I mean dude .. She’s so slow I can’t hang this is only one of the many face palm occasions

The girl that we offered the room to flaked so were back at square one ..one appointment on Friday if I get off early and one Saturday night .. And there she goes again saying we have to get everything figured out ASAP cuz she can’t take time off work bla bla .. Like it’s anything we can control

Aughhh so over this mess

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booty pop your way to the top

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ellen is my spirit animal.

I’ve been waiting for this gifset

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