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i need everyone to hear katy’s drunk voice

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PSA. Enjoy the Takeover.

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-Brian Puspos

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whats interesting is when i get into the office right at 830..there is noone there…hmmmmmmmm

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Kim talking about how her and Kanye stay connected.

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Female BAMFs Throughout History


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when someone’s on your nerves but they sensitive af so you cant go off


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im so done

so done with this company…so latest bullshit..i think last thursday or something i remembered i needed to make an appointment for my heart burn crap…so they gave me an appointment on the following tuesday..they had an opening for friday but i was like neh im already leaving early theyre gonna have a cow …anyhoo i made my appointment for 145pm..and i left today at 130..got back around 220..just within an hour..but as i was walking back to the office..nicole texted me that there is an issue because our receptionist lady told my director that i marked on the board that i was going to be at a drs appointment til 330 and i did not file paperwork for that..and nicole explained to them i was using my lunch hour and it should not take me more than 30 min cuz we have the same doctor and its down the street…but the receptionist lady apparently said i had already taken a lunch today..and nicole explained to her i was gone for 15 min to pick up food… whole foods is 3 streets down and i have receipts and eye witnesses! i ran into a sales manager while i was heading out and one of the bosses when i came back!

like wtf is this baby shitting bullshit..and whats the big deal..she saw that it was a drs. appointment ! i have my receipt for my $30 copay if that is necessary..and on our form to fill out for time out of the office..it says “for all personal appointments not fulfilled by the lunch hour” …and why is it ok for ppl to casually get their nails done during lunch..go for walks..go shopping..buy groceries..but its not ok if nicole or i do it…legally i am allowed 2 -15 minute breaks and an hour lunch ok!? and i came to work on time today!

i talked to my director and i told her about me using my lunch for the appointment because it was last minute..and she was like well just let me/us know because you know my job.. anything happens i need to hear about it..im just like auuuuughhhhh ..this was an innocent drs appointment

im just pretty offended that im being monitored like that..its not like im not doing my job..and really you dont have better things to do instead of checking on when i leave the office? are there not bigger things to worry about ? is it really that big of a deal…

reminds me of the time when my former director freaked out cuz she couldnt find me when i went to the bathroom..and she gave me a talk about how i need to let her know where i am


- Jimmy Fallon’s Monologue; September 15, 2014

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Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

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