do you live on elm street because you’re a nightmare

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i hate it when i see someone i vaguely know in public. do i say hi?? do i act like i don’t see them and hope for the best?? 

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im ok w spending $40 on food but wont buy a $40 shirt

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Ramen Festival Weekend


work at the office was kinda lame..everyone left early and i had to hold down the at slt wasnt all that exciting either..and that was pretty much it


my sleep was rudely interrupted by one of my housemates..and my stupid alarm..why the hell did i have it at 730 on a saturday..anyhoo..everyone was supposed to arrive at ten so we can get to the ramen festival by 11..kellie and chianna came on time we had a nice catch up session.. amanda and the other vivian didnt get here til way past 11..and then it seemed like a reasonable thing to drive there instead…total mistake ..parking was insane..i did not think it was gonna be this cray…took an hour to get parking..and we ended up parking by my office…

luckily amanda had friends at the festival already and they let us cut..the festival was sooooooo poorly organized.noone knew what to do..there were no signs..the volunteers didnt know anything..we mainly just followed the ppl we cut..i got a bowl..and bought eva a ticket so she can get a bowl when she got here..someone spilled their ramen on me and kellie..we didnt want to endure the line again for we went and got dessert instead..waled through some of the vendor booths they had..i got a dessert crepe..the line took forever…we attempted to get boba..but that didnt happen because the line was too long…eva found us..but she didnt wanna get ramen cuz of the line..what a waste! i tried finding a hobo to give my ticket to..but i couldnt find one when we walked to the car…oh and we went to daiso too..not worth shopping..the lines man…the whole thing was just not the business..and we didnt even get the fancy ramen ..aughhh…


got back to my apartment with kellie and chianna…it was sooooo goood seeing them!! eva got here not too long after that..and kellie and cheech had to leave …caught up with eva…went to dinner at bursa with amanda and eva..yummooo..i liked that place..went there with calvin last time..i love decently priced yummy food



after dinner we went to whole foods so i can get cash..ended up getting dessert…got back to my ready..pregamed..bussed to temple

amandas friends flaked..cheech and kellie had other plans..and nicole and her man couldnt make i invited some of the other akpsi was just me eva and amanda at first..then lucy and thomas came out..tried to get andy and tony out but they i ended up giving my tickets to thomas’ friends…we wouldnt have finished the bottle without them…i felt like such a baller with bottle service…even tho they sold our table later..

the place was nice..pretty clean..big there was air to breath and places to sit..the creepers didnt come out til later..but i had a good time..they played a variety of music so that was cool..

ubered home…ate left overs ..gossiped a bit..and downed our coconut water…i showered..called calvin..drunk…nowadays i really dont know how drunk i was until the next day..i dont remember crap


woke up hung the fuck over…tried calling in sick..but guilt trip to go in later…tried throwing up a couple times..eva left around 12..went to get pho with was weird..the place next to the gym down the street…i threw up there too..i felt better afterwards…

had work at 3..amanda and her dude dropped me off at work..i didnt really wear everyone was asking why i looked different..aughh that whole shift was dreadful..i got chicken noodle soup during my break…amanda and her dude dropped me off at home too.. had my left over pho for dinner..i hardly ate any during lunch..oh valerie was supposed to come drop off the chairs that weve been planning for..for like ever…aaaaand she flaked..i texted her..and no response..sighhh



Another reason to love the shit out of this man.

This man follows me on Vine, and I feel it’s because deep down he knows we are the same.

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How Christina Aguilera singes lullabies to her children

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Lemon Basil Shrimp Risotto via The Pioneer Woman

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me when i’m wearing new clothes

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